Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara do know how to make neighbors feel weird.

#6 – Kayden and Manuel’s new neighbors – PornTube.com
And then you get new neighbors, just in time when you are moving out of the neighborhood. Will they think you are moving because of them? Will your move offend them?
Something similar happens (and gets discussed) to Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara in the sixth episode of PornSoup. The thing is, these new neighbors are way cooler than their old ones, it’s just bad timing. Meaning, they moved in right when Kayden and Manuel close escrow on their house. But the real problem they are having is that they are this super aggressively gay couple. Of course that’s no biggie for K&M but now they are concerned that they will 100% think K&M are moving because they moved in. Shit gets awkward. Especially because these new “gay” neighbors never open their doors. They only peek through the window, not saying a damn word.
The real awkward moment causers are no other than Kayden and Manuel themselves. Believing their neighbors are a passionate gay couple, they make real fools out of themselves each time they pay them a visit. Being certain that the new neighbors think they (Kayden and Manuel) are moving out because of them, they even invite them to their new house welcoming party. Hey, these two throw great parties, who wouldn’t come!
But who these new neighbors really are? Well, they just happen to be two random dudes who are far from being anywhere close to gay. Not to mention, they sure are happy they are not the ones who’d need to move.

Moral of the story: when you know nothing about a person, don’t just assume he or she is of specific character because your mind is telling you so. If two dudes live together and they happen to like pink, well, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are gay. Don’t be too quick to judge people! Hey, I was living with a friend in a small apartment for four years (he even wore pink sometimes) and we aren’t gay.
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