Whoa, the first weekend of March, 2016 is here and we are slowly, super slowly getting closer and closer to summer. Not going to lie, we are already planning our summer break. It’s a dude-only kind of a break, you know. This said, we as a group lack in organisation and discipline so that’s why we start discussing summer plans early in the year. Or maybe it’s because we are all super excited for the annual wilderness at the seaside? It’s both.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU. You having good time? Partying last nigh? Or you spent the night chilling and relaxing? Either way, you know what day it is today. The day of rad. Nope, that’s not right. The day of fap. Yep, that’s way better. It’s Sunday Fapday, time to enjoy yourself to the fullest!

1. The most romantic and passionate BJ ever!

Blowjob Artistic Romantic passionate BJ – PornTube.com
While you like it fast and vigorous, you also like it soft, gentle, romantic and passionate. I am talking about the way you like your partner to work your dong inside her mouth. As far as the latter option, there’s a killer demonstration of it, performed by a tongue pierced brunette miss, in the video above.
Hard to keep your member calm, huh?

2. Anikka Albrite and Jada Stevens go berserk by the pool

Gorgeous brunette Jada Stevens licking Anikka Albrite – PornTube.com
What’s better than one lady by the pool? You guessed it, TWO LADIES! This time, blonde Anikka Albrite and brunette Jada Stevens. Teasing, licking, fingering, scissoring and dildo fucking each other, these babes perform a wicked show for you. The type of a scorching hot lesbian show that will probably, absolutely, 100% make your mind bend, your jaw drop and your mouth drool (obviously!). And that’s exactly what one needs on a lovely Sunday Fapday. NOTHING ELSE!

3. Curvaceous Mackenzee Pierce destroyed by Manuel Ferrara

Curvy babe Mackenzee Pierce has her puffy hole filled with dick – PornTube.com
Cheating husband Manuel Ferrara has a little thing going on with curvy Mackenzee Pierce. Well, they play a game of piercing the muffin with a stick. Never heard of this game? Man, what country do you live in? It’s a worldwide game everyone plays and you can win babies. Just google it or even better, watch the video above.

4. Busty Alexis Fawx shows Keiran Lee the joy of camping

Alexis Fawx shows us the many joys of camping – PornTube.com
Cruising around, Keiran Lee accidentally runs into busty blonde camper babe, Alexis Fawx. Enjoying the moment in nature and the beautiful (breast) view, Keiran decides to stay for a chat. Being on a dry period, camping for such a long time, or whatever, Alexis is horny as fuck and interested in discussing only one thing. His cock. Suits me, thinks Keiran and lets her enjoy his meat.

5. Pissed Eva Berger ends up getting fucked for money

Real angry Eva Berger banged deep with cock – PornTube.com
Running into and teasing Eva Berger, driving her crazy, is not really the wisest idea. Unless you have some money to offer then she might be fine with it. And if you have some more money then she will show you her tits and even let you grab them. IN PUBLIC! Moreover, if you don’t act cheap and give her hundreds, she might go back to your place with you, give you head and sit on your dick. VERY NICE.