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Nerdy girl with stylish, hipster glasses, Maya Grand was always a shy and conservative girl, but that’s just about to change in a way she has never expected it to.
It all started back when her parents made her take piano lessons. Like it or not, she couldn’t do anything about it. Each week this Russian instructor, Markus Dupree, would come over and spend an hour or so putting Maya through exercises. He was really strict. However, Markus will loosen up sooner rather than later.

Nerdy Maya Grand blackmails anal penetration out of her piano instructor.

One day, when Grand comes home from school early, she hears something she isn’t suppose to. Since her dad wasn’t home and the house was free of distractions, Maya’s mom took the opportunity in her advantage and decided to spend naughty moments with this Russian instructor. She needed a fresh cock inside her badly!
Not being able to avoid peeking, Maya Grand goes and enjoys the live show for a bit. Knowing no one would believe her what she just saw, she takes out her phone and snaps a few photos. To later show them to her dad and get her mother in trouble. These nerdy girls are way naughtier than you may think.
But these photos she has on the phone, she can not stop looking at them. The more she examines them, the more she gets turned on. Maya even finds herself masturbating to them, thinking of her hot piano teacher, Markus. It goes so far, Maya Grand starts thinking about doing him. She knows she needs to do something about it. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
On one of the coming lessons, her mom is gone for a few hours, leaving young Grand all alone with teacher. This might be her one and only chance to seduce Markus Dupree and get him fuck her in all three holes. Mouth, pussy and asshole.
The moment mother is away, Maya shocks instructor by letting him know she is aware of their sexy secret. Thanks to the photos she took! One more surprise and Dupree is hooked. Maya wants him! She wants him desperately. Her heart starts racing and makes her as turned on as she never felt before.
He shouldn’t but he couldn’t refuse such offer.
Boom, and they are all over each other. Kissing, warming things up a bit, before they move to the bedroom. Thinking of him and his cock for a while now, Maya Grand enthusiastically kneels down and sucks his dick. It’s bigger than she imagined!
After giving his stiffy a sloppy and gaggy oral treatment, it’s Markus’ turn to make Maya Grand ultra moist down there. Having talented tongue and fingers, it does not take Grand long to get her pussy extra juicy and ready for penetration.
Needless to say, Maya does not want only her muffin stuffed, she wants her back door to get rammed as well. “I want you to fuck my ass, baby.” Already fulfilling part of her fantasy, Markus is happy to take her on the other side. By easing his woody inside her rear entrance, Maya falls in ecstasy. Moans rapidly fill the room with sensual vibes while Markus eagerly fucks her butthole.
Taking her from the front, sideways, letting Maya Grand ride him reverse cowgirl and eventually filling her anus doggy style, this anal romp brings epic pleasure to both ends.

How long will Markus last, fucking both mother and daughter, without drying out completely?