Prior to fame, Christy Mack danced in a gorilla costume.

Even if they are out of the business, you probably still fap to them, right? Well that’s completely fine. We all are. If you were one’s trustworthy fan for years and years, it’s hard to face with the fact that she retired and will never again appear in a dirty flick. I still somehow, kinda, really hope will see Christy Mack back on screen doing her wizardry stuff. Putting that sexy and curvaceous body to use.
Anyway, what about prior to her fame, prior to pursuing career in adult entertainment industry? What has miss Christy been up to back then? You are just about to find out.
Before Christy Mack appeared in 100+ pornographic movies and became one of the most recognizable pornstars, Christy was the reserved girl back in school. Born Christine Mackinday on May 9, 1991 in South Chicago Heights, Illinois, Mack did have an interest in tattoos from early age (got first at the age of 15) but was not really the kind of a lass who’d ran around with the popular ones. She did not stood out nor did she have interest in fooling around with boys. Knowing she only lost virginity at the age of 18 (the same year she got married as well) says more than a thousand words.

After graduation (she attended Columbus North High School in 2009), Christy Mack worked for a telephone company where she danced on the street in a gorilla costume. Who the hell would want to hide such tempting body in a gorilla costume?
It was at the age of 18, when Christy shaved the side of her head and adopted her signature mohawk look. After being a stay-at-home wife for a few years, she was offered work as a nude tattoo model. Being an adventurous one at heart, she left her husband, moved to Florida and started modeling for various magazines, like Rebel Ink and Inked Girls. By growing confidence and comfort in front of the lens, modeling quickly progressed to career in adult industry.
First she worked at Miami strip club and later on started appearing in explicit films. When she entered porn business, no girl was like her back then. Curvaceous with tattoos, hence the quick fame. At the time, tattooed girls were normally without boobs and ass. A stick figure.
The first movie Christy Mack appeared in was Vivid Entertainment’s porn parody, “The Dark Night XXX.” From then on, her name skyrocketed amongst porn fans what lead into several major industry award nominations. Oh yes, she sure did take home a few. Like AVN’s 2014 Most Promising New Starlet and XBIZ’s 2014 Best New Starlet.
In 2014 Christy Mack started dating MMA fighter, Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver aka War Machine. About a few months in, War Machine got abusive, still, Christy was so in love with him she thought it would never happen again. Wrong. After the couple broke up things got serious. In August, 2014 War Machine broke into Christy Mack’s Las Vegas home where he beat her nearly to death. War Machine left her with 18 broken bones, a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver and a thigh bruised so deep she wasn’t able to walk for several weeks. Most likely, War Machine will spend his life behind bars.
After the incident, an online donation page was set up in Mack’s favor to help her with reconstruction surgery as well as rehabilitation.
Christy retired from performing last year but still travels and tours, what allows her to keep on entertaining her loyal fans.
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