Before I continue, we at PornTube would like to say massive congratulations to miss Shyla Jennings for winning 2016 AVN All Girl Performer. Congrats!
It’s no secret, she is of magnificent looks, stunning body, does some incredible porn and last but definitely not least, she is a very smart lass. Acting, writing and directing, Shyla is a girl of many skills and a quick learner. No wonders why she has such a huge following of trustworthy fans.
Beautiful brunette Shyla Jennings is a German-born pornographic actress, who became part of adult entertainment industry at the age of 18. Since the time she entered porn biz and up until the date of writing this, Jennings exclusively performs in lesbian scenes. However, she calls herself bisexual.

“First time I’ve ever come to Vegas & decided to go to bed at 11. Adulting sucks.”- Shyla Jennings

It was fun taking a peek at her Twitter profile, especially now, after winning her AVN award. I could nearly feel how much excitement rushed through Shyla’s veins, when holding the All Girl Performer award in her hands.

Now let’s all take a deep breath and check what she has been up to lately and other whatnots.
1. After coming back home and winning 2016 AVN All Girl Performer award this past weekend, she celebrated it with, expectedly, a welcome home celebration sex. “What an orgasmic way to end such an epic weekend!” Again, congrats!
2. Just because this must be pointed out: “Thank you for all the many congratulations! Wouldn’t be here without y’all! Truly warms my heart knowing I have the best fans.”
3. Prior to her Vegas trip Shyla was sick but look at her now, another year, another won award.
4. After the death of Alan Rickman aka Snape, Shyla Jennings threw down a Harry Potter marathon. Now I feel guilty for not doing it myself as well. I love HP!
5. Just because we love cover girls and remembering things from the past, Shyla posted one of her first covers from back in 2009 she did for Hustler. Does this babe even age?
6. Country living: “My dog just got sprayed by a skunk! Noooo! She’s alright but fuck my house is gonna stink!”
7. In case you are interested in her Snapchat, hit her up at FYI: There are many exclusives, she posts to her Snapchat, so join her on this journey.
8. Read carefully: “I love women who can respect & appreciate all the beauty in other women.”
9. One of her new favorite quotes (it might become yours too): “Find a WAY.”- Diana Nyad. Make 2016 your year!
10. We all like it and so does Shyla Jennings. Yes, it’s pizza I am talking about, nom nom.

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