You press, Sola egg responses. It’s that simple!

Yet another campaign for a sex toy. Oh come on, don’t be so harsh on it. Not at all trying to be harsh on it, completely opposite. Each time I see a news out about a new sex toy, I get excited. Because, there’s never enough pleasure devices. Plus, it’s awesome seeing new and innovative technologies being used in vibrators, masturbators and the like.
Let’s take a look at this new, egg-like sexual/wellness massager called Sola. It’s world’s first 4-in-1 smart (intelligent) vibrator that works by applying pressure to it. It’s super simple. The harder you press, the faster and deeper the vibrations. The lesser the pressure, the softer and slower the vibrations. Furthermore, the lock function allows you to capture and stay at the desired vibration speed, without struggling with the right amount of continuous pressure applied. When you reach the vibes you enjoy in the most, lock your Sola egg and keep on luxuriate yourself.
pressure activated vibrator
What’s up with calling it world’s first 4-in-1 smart vibrator? You press, it vibrates. Why 4? I’m glad you asked. The creators designed four unique silicone sleeves for endless massage options, 2 for wellness and 2 for passion. Shiatsu and Swedish sleeves are part of the wellness program – in short, to massage your neck, your back, shoulders, you name it. The other two sleeves, Bunni and Omi, are part of the passion program – we are talking about clitoral stimulation. But are recommended for couple’s foreplay as well, not only for solo use. While Bunni is meant more for the ladies, to achieve the ultimate climax, Omi is perfect for a sensual massage.
This Sola egg offers so much it made me confused.
world's first 4-in-1 smart vibrator
For complete breakdown of its features, visit this super adorable looking sex toy’s Indiegogo campaign page.
All I will say more is this: Hurry Up! Why? Man, you keep on asking these questions! OK, I tell you why. For a very limited time only they offer the complete set for only $79. It’s an early bird special Valentine’s deal. Now go on, surprise your babe.