Guys, it’s time for you to dress up!

As funny as all this sounds, you can now dress up your penis in TUX, LELO’s intimate apparel for men. Tuxedo for the Jimmy? Fuck yeah!
Either you avoid dressing up, or you wake up in the morning full of excitement to jump into a tuxedo, step up your outfit game and bring style to your dong. With Valentine’s Day happening on February 14th, it’s still time to get your hands on TUX and bring lux to your cux. And girls, don’t shy out and feel free to buy this penis apparel for your partner and add some spiciness to your love making. However, I bet there will be more laughs caused by it than anything else but hey, laughing is good for your body and mind. Even when it comes to sex!

Bring style to your penis with LELO’s TUX and express your sexiness with a little humor.

Inspired by a Scottish tradition that dates all the way back to 12th century, LELO decided to step it up a few notches and put their twist to it. Back in the days, Scots were selling “Willy Warmers” – name says it all – to keep guys warm down under. Predominantly sold in UK and Scotland, historical records later showed the use of dick jumpers “across mainland Europe and the fjords of Norway and Sweden” as well. While girl’s private parts are not affected much by the freezing cold temperatures, it can get very chilly down there when it comes to boys. This said, it’s all in the number of layers of clothing you put on to stay warm.
History lesson covered, let’s get back to the cutest thing ever, TUX. When it comes to bringing heat (and humor) to the bedroom, it’s normally women who dress up in super sexy lingerie, role-play costumes and whatnots. Let’s make a change! As Tristan Taormino says, “Women love to be seduced by their partners. Knowing that a man has made extra effort to dress for sex is a real turn-on.” You still have enough time to surprise her.

The beautiful part of TUX is that it’s quite inexpensive. It sells for $29.95 and if you order $120 or more LELO products, you receive it as a gift until Valentine’s Day.
This modern phallus tuxedo is hewn form satin and decorated with luxurious bow tie and beautiful red rose. It’s a one size fits most design that comfortably wraps around your penis with a high quality stretch cord. “It’s not the size that matters. It’s the fit.”

Guys, no more excuses, dress up and make that special day extra special.

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